So the first thing to be understood is that the mind is an indirect process. Senses are direct: I can touch you with my hand, but I cannot touch you with my mind. I can see you through my eyes, but I cannot see you through my mind. The mind is enclosed within me and there is no bridge from the mind to reach you directly. If the mind wants to reach you directly, some medium will be needed. If the mind wants to see you, it will see through the eyes. To touch you, it will touch through the hands. A medium, an agency, a mediator, will be needed. The mind needs a mediator.


10 Responses to I AM THE MEDIATOR

  1. steve says:

    who are you? Is this your blog? Quite interesting.

    • brahmineyes says:

      An interesting question: who am I?

      To tell you quite frankly, I haven’t really figured that one out yet, as I am still in my journey of self discovery. But, does it really matter who we are?

      And oh, thank you for finding my thoughts interesting… cheers!

    • Pauline Bautista says:

      Hello Mediator! Your photo of the first mass with cross is the best I have googled so far. May I know what proper credit to use? We are making a Mindanao Timeline as a contribution to the peace process which will be given to Araling Panlipunan Teachers teachers free of charge. Please email me at mindanaopeacehistoryeducproj@gmail.com, and please be sure to cc my personal addy at pauline@blafi.org. Thank you very much!

  2. sokritiz says:

    Very well said.

  3. labmaijoy15 says:

    As i read and browse his blog… He is one in a million men. He is the man with full of ideas and knowledge. He is very unique in many ways. ask Him he has everything to say about it… 🙂 cheers! muahhh

  4. 9symphony9 says:

    I had to read it twice but I got it the second time 🙂

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