Biri Rocks!

Biri Rock Formation is a collective term given to seven limestone islets, which from afar, resemble a sturdy wall protecting the island municipality of Biri from the churning waves generated by the clashing waters where the San Bernardino Strait meets the ferocious Pacific Ocean. Twenty-three million years of wind and waves, and the constant shifting of tectonic plates down below, shaped these magnificent natural formations, each with their own unique characteristics and distinct shape. From the twin rocks of Bel-at with nearby Puhunan and the most-photographed Macadlaw to the adjacent islets of Magasang and Magsapad, these giant monuments have stood the ravages of time.

Complementing the natural attraction of the “magnificent seven” are the surrounding white-sand beach, a lush mangrove forest with dwarf mangroves, and crystal-clear tidal pools through which one can take a dip to cool oneself.




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