Seek and you will find… Asik-asik.

The island of Mindanao is blessed with rich and bountiful natural resources, not to mention majestic land- and seascapes. It is home to three of the highest peaks in the country, several marine and wildlife sanctuaries, and hundreds–if not thousands–of waterfalls, explored and unexplored. No wonder it is called the Philippines’ Final Frontier.

Hitting two birds…

When we talk about Mindanao waterfalls, Tinuy-an in Bislig and Maria Cristina and Tinago, both in Iligan come to mind. But there still exist some equally-glorious-yet-seldom-talked-about cascades in the island of Mindanao: Limunsudan in Lanao del Norte; Asik-Asik in Alamada, North Cotabato; and Aliwagwag in Cateel, Davao Oriental–my Holy Grails of Philippine Waterfalls!

Much of the allure these waterfalls possess is due to their reputation as difficult-to-reach destinations, coupled with stories of brigands and other lawless elements patrolling the roads leading to these natural gems.

On my most recent trip to Mindanao, I was fortunate to have visited two of these three breathtaking waterfalls in Mindanao: Asik-asik and Aliwagwag.

Asik-Asik Falls
Brgy. Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato

“Discovered” only in April 2012 by local students on a field trip, Asik-asik Falls opened its doors to visitors in September that same year.

At 140 meters wide and about 60 meters high, this natural formation resembles a vast jade wall veiled with silky smooth curtains. Unlike most waterfalls, Asik-asik does not have a visible water source at its top, instead, water flows out from the mountain’s side, more like a series of springs.

According to some locals I chanced upon, this phenomenon may have been due to strong typhoons that ravaged the area a few years back, where clumps of trees were uprooted… and from these, cracks appeared which allowed the water to spring forth. A flowing natural pool formed at the base of the cascades where visitors can swim in the cold, clear waters.


Still as magnificent as the first time I saw it in 2012.

Still as magnificent as the first time I saw it in 2012.

After an arduous trek to Asik-asik, you might wanna visit Cotabato City’s Grand Mosque.

The golden mosque or the “Masjid Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah dang Brunei” (Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque) is located a few kilometers away from the main highway, Sinsuat Avenue, in Barangay Kalangalan, on a parcel of land donated by the Dilangalen clan. Nestled beside Tamontaka River and the Moro Gulf, the masjid is a sight to behold from the air, as it is near Awang Airport.

The golden masjid is partly funded by the Sultanate of Negara Brunei Darussalam as part of a bilateral agreement with the Philippines. Designed by world-renowned Palafox and Associates, the mosque incorporated domes and minarets of the Arab-Islamic influence.

To Cateel by Grab Taxi-DavaoNext:

From here to eternity… that is Cateel, Davao Oriental…


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