Going Solo in the Land of Promise (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my travel log for my week-long Mindanao Road Trip.

Mindanao Roadtrip

What to see in Marawi City

What to see in Marawi City

Day 04: Marawi City. With my Limunsudan Falls trip going bust, I was left with an extra day in Iligan. Feeling a tad adventurous, I decided to make a quick visit to Marawi City.

Aware of the fact that Marawi is 90% Moslem (that is why it was named as The Islamic City of Marawi), I heeded the advice–more like a warning, though–of the hotel keeper in Iligan to be wary in asking directions from random people; instead, I should go directly to the Tourism Office at City Hall.


It is as if I was transported to UP Diliman, waiting for the UP-Ikot jeep.

However, the “Armak” that I took was bound directly for Mindanao State University, which, in a way, was a good thing; because, from what I have read, some of Marawi’s prime spots are located here: the Aga Khan Museum, the King Faisal Mosque, and of course MSU Campus, with its stunning view of Lake Lanao or Meranau in the local dialect.

After chatting up a friendly campus police, who gave me some of the low-downs on Marawi City life–including what to tell the jeepney driver to get “maximum cooperation”: Ibaba mo ako kay Mayor sa City Hall–I headed for downtown. Well, the phrase worked wonders indeed, as the driver was not only very courteous but also greatly helpful in pointing me to the right direction: the city tourism office [looks like Mayor Fahad Salic is either well loved or  extremely feared].

The tourism officer was also very helpful, and overly “protective”. Upon learning that I was travelling alone, she insisted that I take a tricycle driven by someone she knows.

Around lunchtime and midway through the tour, a man approached me and introduced himself as “from the tourism office”. He told me that it is in my best interest to cut short the “tour” and head back to Iligan, as “a man taking photos of buildings” has caught the attention of “some” people.

Without asking further questions, I hurriedly left, taking the first available van to Iligan City. Whew!

With nothing else to do, I decided to segue to Balingoan Port in Cagayan de Oro, hoping to catch the last ferry to Camiguin Island.

Day 05: Camiguin Island via  Brgy. Kinoguitan.

Solo travel is indeed a wonderful and fulfilling venue to explore little known places in the Philippines and get to experience first-hand the vibrancy and diversity of the Filipino culture.


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  1. Great adventure. Hey marco polo, more pics pls

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