When in Rome…

A typical Ivatan meal

Tamidok salad

Tamidok Salad

A typical Ivatan meal comes usually in Pinungusan sa vuhong nu kabaya (wrapped in breadfruit leaves):

  • Turmeric rice
  • Viand
    • pork luñiz — deep-fried lightly salted pork
    • uved balls — meatballs with grated banana pith
    • lightly fried fish
    • bistek Tagalog
  • Beef nilaga


  • Tamidok salad — fresh young fern with vinaigrette, topped with lightly sauteed tomatoes and shallots

Ivatan camote cueDessert

  • Inazucaran na wakay — glazed sweet potatoes, very much like, or actually,

A glass of palek, the local beer, would’ve been a good digestif.


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