Lake Sebu’s Magnificent Seven

Lake Sebu has been dubbed as the “Summer Capital of Southern Mindanao” due to its very cool climate. It is also home to the T’boli Tribe, where they try to keep old traditions and their culture alive, amid the rampant commercialization of the area.

One of Lake Sebu’s prime attraction is the Seven Falls Eco-Tourism Park where guests can try the zipline–touted as the highest in the country–to have a bird’s eye view of the complex’s magnificent waterfalls: Hikong Alo, Hikong Bente, Hikong B’lebel, Hikong Lowig, Hikong K’Fo-i, and two others whose names escaped me.


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4 Responses to Lake Sebu’s Magnificent Seven

  1. Marjorie says:

    I saw a video of a guy who did the zipline and recorded the whole thing in a video, the view of the falls are indeed amazing. Maybe I should include this in my Davao itinerary next year.

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