Zamboanga City: A Photo Essay

“Don’t you go, don’t you go to far Zamboanga; where you may forget your darling, far away…

So goes a popular Filipino folk song, where a young lady–Paloma–implores her lover not to go to this enchanting city, lest he’ll forget about her. Seeing– and experiencing–Zamboanga City first hand, I believe the lass in that traditional song has grounds for her fears.

According to the city’s official website, “The evolution of the name “Zamboanga” provides an interesting insight into its historical background. The early Malay settlers called the region “Jambangan”, which means Land of the Flowers.”

More on its history…
These Malays who built their settlements by the river banks were the subanons, that is the “People of the River”. Their chief, Saragan, lived with his family atop the legendary Mount Pulumbato that today lords over Pasonanca and Climaco Freedom Park (formerly Abong-Abong Park) then later on, the Samals and the Badjaos who came on their frail vintas also settled here, building their frail huts along the shorelines and confused “Jambangan” with “Samboangan” which comes from the word “Sabuan”, the wooden pole used to help push their vintas in shallow waters or to tie them for anchorage purposes.
The Spanish colonizers found difficulty in pronouncing “Samboangan” and instead called the place “Zamboanga”.

Sta Cruz Island, Zamboanga City

Bathing in the afterglow


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5 Responses to Zamboanga City: A Photo Essay

  1. hugothero says:

    Thanks for visiting our beautiful city and taking marvelous photos 🙂

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  3. Thank you for photo feature of Zamboanga City.

    Next time you visit the Great Sta. Cruz island, book for a tour at the lagoon. You can arrange that with the staff of the City Tourism Office who are based in the island. You can also request to visit the graveyard of the boat people in the island.

    • Hi there! DOT Zamboanga had been very helpful during my visit. Special shout-out to the following people for providing the speedboat for me to visit Sta Cruz island: Rodrigo Saavedra, Julius Marinay, Eufemia Lorenzo and Hamid Julhani… and of course, to my “escorts” PO1 Alcid Bungkac and PO2 Julhasad Malali. I will definitely return. 😉

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