Freestyling in Bacolod City

My latest trip to Bacolod City last October was for one, and only one, purpose — to photograph the highlights of Bacolod City’s Masskara Festival 2014. Since the streetdancing competitions were slated in the afternoons of Friday and Saturday, I was left with nothing to do during the morning.

It is not my first time in Bacolod and I have already seen the ‘more popular’ tourist destinations here; so, I wanted to explore the Bacolod that most people haven’t seen.  Without any solid plans, I went to the city tourism office to inquire about ‘other’ points of interest in the City of Smiles.

People’s Home (Government Center)

Pope John Paul II Tower and Baywalk

St Jude Thaddeus Shrine

Vintage Glass Museum

Built by Bacolod native Tomas Claridad Casiano or simply Tomiko to friends —  I was fortunate to have met him in person through a fellow photography enthusiast, Noel Tan — to house his more than 2,000 glass pieces, the two-storey geometric structure is believed to be the first of its kind in SE Asia.

About 95 percent of Tomiko’s collection,  ranging from dinnerware, Victorian lamps, decorative pieces, decanters, to commemorative plates in various hues, each embellished with very intricate design, came from the U.S. — made primarily during the depression years from 1904 to 1940.

Lupit Church

Looking more like a modern-day Gothic cathedral sans elaborate archaic details and statues, Lupit Church’s architecture is very interesting as it doesn’t even appear like a traditional Catholic church. Its main structure is flanked by two smaller chapels — an adoration and a burial chapel — with almost identical designs and motifs.

Sum-ag Church

Thank you very much to the wonderful people at the Bacolod City Tourism Office for the warm welcome and accommodation. This tiny map was indeed a great help in setting me up for “freestyling” in the city. One teeny bit of feedback though: St. Jude Thaddeus Parish and Shrine is erroneously placed somewhere in Luzuriaga St. instead of in Alijis Rd.


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