Begnas di Yabyab of Sagada

The Begnas Rice Ritual is just one of many traditional practices here in the Mt. Province that survived amid booming tourism and inevitable progress. Loosely translated, begnas means feast.

The Igorots celebrate at least five begnas each year:

  • Begnas di Dook or Tiagew — done in the summer months to signal the season for constructing houses.
  • Begnas di Babayas — marks the culmination of the December wedding season
  • Begnas di Latab — marks the culmination of the summer (April-May) wedding season
  • Begnas di Yabyab — one of many rice rituals is usually done in October or November (which we were lucky to witness), the start of the rice production cycle, to usher in good omens and bountiful harvest
  • Begnas di Tangeb di Lakat — also related to rice production, is held after the harvest season

Deeply rooted in culture and tradition, the Begnas di Yabyab of Sagada follows the cultural calendar of the Igorots. There is no fixed date as to when the begnas should be held. Tribal leaders, after consultation with age-old omens and signs, decide when a rice ritual should be performed. Traditionally, one begnas for each rice planting phase — land preparation, rice planting, and harvesting — is celebrated to ensure a bountiful harvest.

The ritual ends with everybody taking part in the traditional Igorot dance.


Sagada elders did a great job in keeping the Begnas tradition alive in the hearts and minds of the younger generations.

Sagada elders did a great job in keeping the Begnas tradition alive in the hearts and minds of the younger generations.

Traveling to Sagada

Here is a sample weekend itinerary (and projected cost as of 01 JULY 2016):


0900PM: Depart for Sagada via CODA Lines <0927.559.2197> (Fare: PHP720)


1000AM: ETA Sagada / Register at tourism office (PHP35/pax) / Check in at Villa de Familia*

0100PM: Echo valley / hanging coffin tour (PHP300 guide fee)**


0400AM: Kiltepan Sunrise (you can do the hour-long trek to Kiltepan summit or you can avail of a shuttle service at the Tourist Informations Center. Just fill out a form indicating your pick up time and a designated shuttle will get in touch with you. Rate is from PHP25 to PHP300 per van.***

From 0500AM to 0100PM: You do caving and food tripping, or even o trek to a nearby waterfalls. just make sure you make it to the SAGADA-MANILA bus which leaves at…

0230PM (or 0330PM): Depart for Manila via CODA Lines (Fare PHP720)


0400AM: ETA Manila

* Villa de Familia <0918.959.4570> at PHP300/pax/night is in close proximity to the Tourist Information Center, the Police Station and Municipal Hall, as well as some of the more popular restaurants, including The Yoghurt House and Masferre.

**  Or, if you are confident of your navigation skills, you may opt to do it yourself sans guide; however, the Tourism Office does not recommend this practice, as it it is encouraged to employ a local guide.

*** Or you can get in touch with Chase <0906.229.1301>.



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