May the Force be with you…

It’s that time of year again where kids — and grown-ups — play dress up and knock on people’s doors [or office cubicles, as what is common practice in our office here in Manila] to go trick-or-treatin’ and indulge in sweets, LOTS OF IT!

Going to office Halloween parties have become a ‘tradition’ for my little girl since she was barely a year old.

Abby's Halloween costumes through the years...

Abby’s Halloween costumes through the years…

Around September of this year, I got a “directive” from her that she wanted to be Olaf of Frozen this coming Halloween. Not a fan of off-the-rack costumes, I willed my self to give it a go… sadly, given my set of skills or the lack of it, my Olaf project’s headed for doomsville. No doubt about it.

So, after some minor “deliberation” — highlighted by aggressive cajoling and intimidation [on my part] — Abby “relented” and kissed goodbye her dreams of going to the Halloween party as Olaf.

She wanted to be Elsa instead… then Tinkerbell… then a minion [again]… until she finally agreed on being Princess Leia [she’s her namesake after all]…

So, here she is:

Channeling her namesake, Princess Leia of Star Wars

Channeling her namesake, Princess Leia of Star Wars

Thanks to Scott and Pam, and the rest of the Chu Crew for this very helpful tutorial on Star Wars’ Princess Leia costume. You guys rock!



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