BOHOL CHURCHES: A testament to the Filipinos’ steadfastness

One year ago today, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the quiet island of Bohol, destroying several centuries-old monuments including the churches of Baclayon, Loboc, Maribojoc, and Dauis.

I am reblogging this piece I wrote in 2011 to celebrate the resilient and indomitable spirit of the Bol-anons, who are quietly rebuilding these magnificent edifices.

The War Fish's Lair

I am not religious. I am not even Catholic. But there is something about Philippine Baroque churches that fascinates me—it gives me a sense of tranquility even. Maybe it’s the knowledge that these churches are very special today because the mold was broken after they were created, as no one would ever witness a church to rise up again in the grandeur and spirit of the Spanish colonial era. But more specifically, they are very special because of the events and circumstances surrounding their creations. The blossoming colonial church architecture under the Spanish colonial period was a unique event in Philippine architectural heritage. Sadly, the end of the Spanish era was also the end of the church building enterprise of the missionaries.

Baroque churches have been at the forefront of Philippine history since their construction in the 1500s. During the time of Spanish colonial rule, the Church and State worked…

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