San Vicente: ‘Waiting to be discovered’

Palawan is not just about El Nido, Coron or Honda Bay–to the more adventurous traveler anyway…

Located 174km northwest of Puerto Princesa City (PPC), the sleepy fishing village of San Vicente is about four hours away by van. If you are coming in from Port Barton–the municipality’s more “touristy” barangay, and home to several resorts and lodging houses–you can reach San Vicente in 45 minutes via motorized banca. I took the PPC-San Vicente direct route because it is faster and more convenient, with several trips a day beginning at 4AM. On the other hand, there is only one trip per day going to Port Barton and it leaves at 9AM.

San Vicente is touted by many as “the next Boracay”. It is home to the country’s longest contiguous beach, aptly named Long Beach, an 8km stretch of undeveloped, unexploited virgin beach–the entire island of Boracay, from end to end, is only 7km long! Many believe the beach stretches 14km, but looking at the sattelite imagery on Google Earth, this can only be possible if you include the beaches of Bokbok, Tagpis, Alimanguan, and Boong.


Other interesting places to check out in San Vicente are Daplac Cove in Boayan Island; Inamuran Island; New Capari, Kemdeng and Tangdan beaches; and the islands off the coast of Port Barton.

Daplac Cove, Boayan Island

Tangdan Beach and Palawan Camping site

Kemdeng Beach

Port Barton and nearby islands

To fully realize San Vicente’s tourism potential, infrastructure development is in full swing: an international airport is being constructed near the former Inandeng airstrip; the Itabiak road is being rehabilitated and widened, and construction of a bigger wharf is underway.

Personally though, I really hope San Vicente doesn’t turn into another Boracay. The island–and beaches–of Boracay is undoubtedly world-class, lovely and all that, but given its highly commercialized transformation, Boracay has become an ecological nightmare; which, I seriously hope won’t happen to San Vicente once it opens up its doors to the influx of tourists.


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