The Habal-habal: An Elegant Workhorse

BISLIG CITY, Surigao del Sur — The first time I laid eyes on her, I was dumbfounded by her sheer simplicity and veiled elegance. Running my hand through her curves sent chills on my spine, prompting a silent question: How can such a delicate machine endure the rigors and dangers of harsh country back roads?

As I slowly mounted her inviting torso, I instantly felt a connection with her — she and I became melded as one, inseparable!

Riding the habal-habal down an open highway and through rough dirt roads is an extremely liberating experience — especially when you’re used to the mundane task of navigating city streets in the safety of a boring enclosed automobile.


The Filipino Habal-habal: An Epitome of Grace…. not!

Everything that is felt when on a habal-habal is enhanced: your senses are magnified to such great heights that even the most familiar sensation seems alien. The slightest breeze is felt with such gale-strong force that you’re left with no choice but to just close your eyes and surrender to the feeling. Like the coital embrace of a hungry and uberpassionate lover, it leaves you gasping for air; yet, wanting more. The minutest bumps and jerks send thunderbolts to your groin, leaving you with the most welcome of soreness; while the continual vibration of the engine is reminiscent of your grandfather’s massage chair… or your girlfriend’s, uhm, nevermind.

On a habal-habal, the horizon seems endless! No borders nor boundaries to obscure your vista, allowing you to take in as much as you can of the verdant hills and mountains, or the meanderings of a lazy river — creating an overwhelming sense of freedom!

And what about the scents and sounds? I leave that to your imagination….

Photo by Jeffrey Rilles of

Photo by Jeffrey Rilles of

… ‘coz, damn! Who am I kidding?!?!?! Forget the melodrama. I was shitting bricks the entire time!

You ask me if imma do it again? You betcha!


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