Si! Belleza!

Let the words of Vicente F. David*, in his poem Sibale the Beautiful, tell you why the island of Sibale is Si! Belleza…

To my foster homeland, this poem is heartily dedicated.
“Her people is my people”

Sibale the beautiful, isle of the eastern sea,
Thou stand majestically above the sparkling waters
Washed for centuries by the rising and ebbing tides
Yonder stand solitary rocks
Curved with tell-tale signs by the passing of time.

On thy white beaches blow the gentle breea,
Bringing sweet scent of freshness from the ocean blue
Caressed by the gentle waves softly whispering sweet lullabies
To thy infant sons and daughters born free
Destined to fade or curve a name for thy fame and glory.

O Sibale! cradle of love and beauty,
Home sweet home of gentle and godly people
Where sunbeams kiss the silvery morning dew
Spread out on the fronds of coco palms
Silently standing aloft over the sparkling sea.

Wither tho I go my beloved motherland,
I will bear witness to thy immortal grace
As sons and daughters beholden with fond memories
Of your familiar sweet loving embrace
From now till time rings out for a call to the great beyond
I will forever sing Sibale the Beautiful.

* Vicente Fortaleza David is an award-winning poet, and cited as “One of the Best Poets of 2004″ by the International Library of Poetry (ILP) in Maryland, USA. His poem, Sibale the Beautiful was chosen as “Editor’s Pick” from among a series of anthologies published by the ILP.

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