Where there is no sky…

With a full day still left from our Sibale, Romblon Adventures, our group decided to “swing by” Gloria, Oriental Mindoro (home of the “famed” Walang Langit Falls) — since we’re already in Pinamalayan, which is just mere minutes away.

What we initially thought to be ‘just-a-walk-in-the-park’ trek drastically turned out to be a struggle…. thanks to the midday sun!

Huffing and puffing our way through a long road, then through smaller hills and, finally, to the much cooler, shaded river trail that meandered through narrow passages — it’s like walking through a gigantic crack on the earth’s crust — we persevered… until we’re face to face with her magnificent cascades–Walang Langit Falls!

Literally translated, “walang langit” means no sky or to some, no heaven. So named because in the olden days, the place is covered in a dense forest blocking daylight to filter through; thus, it gives one the feeling like he is entering a cave with the trees above as the ceiling.

Sadly though, the landowners–yes, this part of Brgy. Buong Lupa in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro is privately owned–cut the huge trees  down in the late 1990s, exposing Walang Langit Falls to sunlight.

Unless the local government quickly acts to protect what remains of the trees there, Walang Langit will soon be a misnomer.



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3 Responses to Where there is no sky…

  1. Dah Agaton says:

    Hi! I am writing an article about Mindoro. May I seek your permission to use your walang langit falls photos? Thank you

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