Sensuous Singkil 2

Philippine traditional dances are a sight to behold, indeed!

A Traveler's Tale

Singkil Dance of Mindanao Princess Gandingan is the central character of the Singkil Dance

March 2014: On a single night, I witnessed 3 different versions of Singkil, the most popular ethnic dance among the ethnic tribes of Mindanao.  The dance tells the story of the lovely Princess Gandingan whose struggles against evil is portrayed by her having to dance across and step in and out of rapidly closing and opening pairs of bamboo poles.  This is the second version which I found equally entertaining as the first, especially as the clapping of the bamboo poles builds into a crescendo and the character of the princess deftly but gracefully steps in and out of the crashing poles.

Singkil Dance of Mindanao Pretty, fan-wielding ladies are part of Princess Gandingan’s court

Singkil Dance of Mindanao Also part of the princess’ court are other ladies whose movements are equally graceful

Singkil Dance of Mindanao As the bamboo poles open and close faster, the Princess had adjust…

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