Strawberry Fields… forever!

I don’t know why the opening paragraphs of this blog turned out to be more philosophical than I intend it to be… well, I did not really intend it to be preachy or stuff like that… I just couldn’t help but be introspective, as I listened to John Lennon’s lines in the song Strawberry Fields Forever.

Let me take you down
Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever…

The opening verse actually lays out the whole theme of the song. Things are confusing, and it’s easier to go through life simply not caring about anything.

Well, most of us know that Strawberry Fields Forever has both metaphorical and figurative meanings, not to mention that is it also an actual place–an orphanage in Liverpool, England–John went to visit often as a young boy. John also used Strawberry Fields symbolically–a sanctuary where he mentally wanders to destress, yearning for simpler times. He talked about a mental state wherein not many minds are ‘tuned in to’, ‘but it’s alright.’ That sometimes, our thoughts or ideas are not for everyone… yet, we should never lose hope that somewhere out there exist real intelligent and well-informed people that’ll see and recognize our brilliance.

Oh well… maybe my current fascination for the song–if you can call it that–was borne out of my own need for an ‘escape’ from a confusing and convoluted life…

… and, my ‘escapism’ brought me to the strawberry fields of La Trinidad, Benguet.


About Seeing with Brahmin eyes
My sense of humor can be keen, sarcastic, silly or corny -- sometimes all at once. I enjoy meeting new people with no preconceived ideas about what or what is not possible. You get much more out of life by being open minded and willing. I'm an easy going, good-natured person who loves life and loves people. I'm both optimistic and realistic and pretty objective when it comes to assessing situations, events, etc. In general I am a very positive person and you'll usually find we with a smile on my face.

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