Iligan: City of Magnificent Waterfalls

Fresh from my Cagayan de Oro (CDO)-Camiguin adventure with the AdvenTuristas, I hied off to Iligan City, this time with the Mayayaman Organized Outdoor Group (MOOG)–don’t ask me why they are “mayayaman”, but if I may venture a guess, maybe it’s because they are “mayayaman” or rich in friends (wink).

Iligan is aptly christened  the City of Majestic Waterfalls. As of last count, Iligan City is home to almost 40 (only 23 are listed, though) magnificent cascades spread across 44 barangays–most famous of which is the Maria Cristina Falls, one of Mindanao’s main source of electricity.

The fastest and most convenient way to reach Iligan City, if coming from Manila or Cebu, is via air travel to Laguindingan Airport, which is about 45 minutes away by bus, taxi or private transport. In our case, since we’re already in CDO, we took a Super Five aircon bus at Balua Bus Terminal for an almost 2-hour trip. Fare was PhP85 per passenger.

Reaching Tambo Integrated Bus Terminal in Iligan City. we boarded a multicab headed for Jasmine Spa Resort along A. Bonifacio Ave. We settled in for the day and started chasing waterfalls the next day, ably guided by an officer from the Iligan Tourism Office, Mr Pat Dejaño Noel.

Dodiongan Falls

At more than 60ft high, Dodiongan Falls in Brgy. Bonbonon is a sight to behold! Cascading down a huge, convex-surfaced boulder to a swimming basin, the waterfalls is an ideal dipping pool.

Dodiongan Falls requires a 15-minute trek from the main dirt road. Be sure to wear light and comfortable clothes, as well as, non-slip footwear.

Maria Cristina Falls

Iligan’s pride and most-recognized landmark, Maria Cristina Falls is the most resplendent of all the waterfalls in the city. At 320 feet high, Maria Cristina produces 130 to 150 cubic meters of water per second, enough to power the turbines of National Power Corporation’s giant hydroelectric power plant.

Maria Cristina Falls is nestled inside NPC Nature Park, right at the heart of Iligan’s Tourism Triangle: Brgy. Maria cristina, Buru-un and Ditucalan.

Mimbalot Falls

Mimbalot Falls is 90 feet high by 18 feet wide. Its water cascades down a tiered layer of rocks creating an alluring ballet of limpid water streams. Mimbalot Falls is also an ideal swimming spot, just shell out PhP25 entrance fee.

Tinago Falls

“Tinago” means hidden. Well, it is! This magnificent body of water is veiled with thick foliage and a deep ravine. The 120-foot Tinago Falls can only be seen after a knee-breaking descent down a 365-step steep staircase.

Hitting the bottom step of the meandering staircase, one cannot help but be enchanted by the bluish water collected at the base of the silky water cascades… complemented by the rhythmic and soothing sound of gushing waters.

Talk about saving the best for last!

Too bad, we were only able to visit four waterfalls. Well, all the more reason for us to come back.


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