Mark Joseph Solis: The End of a Political Ambition

Mark Joseph Solis has the makings of a good (at being bad) politician. After all, he has trained in the best arena of corruption — the Philippine Senate. Sadly, his future in Philippine politics looks bleak. Sen Pia Cayetano already disowned him saying: Solis was only a trainee staff for just a short time, and is not connected to her office anymore. I believe his “probationary” period  may have been cut short because he got caught plagiarizing a photo for an online contest, a big no-no — no, plagiarism is an accepted practice in the senate, ask Sen Tito Sotto. It’s the getting-caught part that caused some Senatongs to doubt his true mettle as a good (at being bad) politician. And as if adding insult to injury, he admitted his wrongdoings and apologized, another taboo in Philippine politics, according to Senators Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and Johnny Enrile. Too bad, Solis never had the opportunity to be taken under the wings of the “Three Stooges”, who have perfected the art of deny-deny-cry-get-sick strategy.

On a positive note however, Mark Joseph has applied his learnings from another Philippine politics heavyweight, the mother-of-all-that-is-corrupt, ex-president, now Tongressman GMA. Following the diminutive politician’s example, he also issued an apology, citing “lapse of judgement“, among others. Too bad, the aggrieved party, a Mr Smith, would have none of it, as the apology “lacks sincerity”.

“I think this kind of apology is easy for any intelligent person to ‘fake’ according to public opinion and in order to save his own skin, so I didn’t really pay much attention to the content other than understood it was his remorse of the facts,” Smith said.

“I take more note of people’s actions than in their wording, so I think Solis’ apology was worth nothing more than an admittance of his ‘crime,'” he added.

So, what of him now?

I heard he’s due to sign a movie deal…

By the way, I understand UP’s silence on the photo contest fiasco perpetrated by Solis, one of her alumnus. Y’see, if UP takes action, in any form — an apology, etc — she has to do the same for every scoundrel, both in the government and the private sector, guilty of any wrongdoing… beginning with Ferdinand E. Marcos.


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  1. blooper says:

    Alak pa! (sabihin ko sana alcohol, hirap ako sa spelling e)

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