Mahna! Mahna!

Mahna-MahnaI was first introduced to this ditty as a child, watching the Muppet Show on TV.  The Mahna! Mahna! song is one of the best known songs to come out of the Muppets, and it has been replayed and covered many times.

When I became a dad to my wonderful daughter Abby, I was reintroduced to this catchy tune through the Muppets movie, which became a part of my little girl’s bedtime ritual — instead of me reading her a bedtime story, she’d ask that I play the movie for her to watch until she dozes off to sleep.

Not to ruin anyone’s childhood memory, but I came to learn that this classic Muppet song isn’t as innocent as I have originally thought!!!! It was not even an original composition for Jim Henson’s creation, but rather for a 1968 soft-core Italian porn film. The movie is called “Sweden: Heaven and Hell,” and the song is played for a scene in which some Swedish girls go spend some time in a sauna. Check out the clip from the movie below:

Oh well… another childhood memory assassinated.


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