The Island of Fire

Legend has it that Siquijor rose from the sea amid thunder and lightning. To support this, fossils of clams and other sea creatures can be found in the interior highlands.

The islands´s native name was Katugasan derived from “tugas”, molave trees that covered the hills. It was earlier known to the Spaniards as “Isla del Fuego” (Island of Fire) because of the swarm of fireflies that proliferate the area.

Its present name is claimed to have been after King Kihod, its legendary ruler. Another version says it came from “quipjod”, a native term meaning “the tide was ebbing”. In time, the name “Siquijod” evolved until the “d” was changed to “r” for Spanish euphony.

From 1683 to the end of the Spanish occupation, Siquijor was under the ecclesiastical authorities in Cebu. For some time, it was administered politically by Bohol. In 1901, it became a sub-province of Negros Oriental and remained as such until September 17, 1971 when it became a separate province.

Larena, the ecclesiastical and trading center, was the capital of the island until 1972. A proclamation was later made and the capital was transferred to the town of Siquijor.


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