… disgusting!

Vatican fund for Ondoy victims diverted too.

MANILA, Philippines – Even Rome’s intention was not honored.

A huge donation from the Vatican in the aftermath of typhoon Ondoy in 2009 failed to reach the intended beneficiaries, financial records from the diocese of Parañaque showed.

According to a ledger report, the Vatican’s Pontifical Council Cor Unum for Human and Christian Development gave a donation of P697,500 a few days after Ondoy struck.

The figure was about 10,000 euro, with the euro-peso exchange at that time pegged at one euro equivalent to P70.

The money was coursed through the “Apostolic Nuncia,” the ledger report – a copy of which was obtained by Rappler – showed.

But an analysis of the remittances to the typhoon victims revealed that only about 16% or P263,236.50 out of the total P1,631,473.05 donations has been disbursed.

“Pending result of said verification, RCAM is not in a position to release any amount at the moment.” — Mercado

In other words, Mercado told them, the money was still under the custody of RCAM.

What Mercado did not know was that the former parish administrator had already confirmed that the money had already been transferred to the Parañaque diocese.

The lay leaders sought a meeting to clarify the matter. In the meeting were Mercado and his executive secretary, Annie Cruz.

Priests say it is actually Cruz who exercises control over the diocese’s finances, and not the diocese’s treasurer or oeconomus.

Initially, Cruz was evasive about the status of the money. But the lay leaders had had enough. The parish’s finance council head, Adelia Lopez, informed the bishop and Cruz they knew that the money had already been turned over by the RCAM to the diocese as early as May 2009.

Caught by surprise with this revelation, Cruz, the bishop’s executive secretary, was finally forced to admit that the money was, in fact, with the diocese.

Faced with the facts, Mercado released a total P8 million in 2010, but the balance, up to this time, has not been released. Going by 2009 exchange rates, this would be at least P5.7 million.

The former parish administrator told Rappler that were it not for an investigation conducted, “the trust fund would have remained a secret.” In fact, the deliberate attempt to hide the Belgian money was among the complaints raised against Mercado before the Nuncio.

Why they had to keep it a secret, only Mercado and Cruz know. – Rappler.com


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