Our loss, their gain…

With no local support, Cynthia Alexander migrates to the U.S.
by Francis Brew

Cynthia Alexander

When she gave up the idea of re-forming her old band and going for broke as a solo artist, the result was her 1997 debut “Insomnia and Other Lullabyes.” It incorporated Eastern and Western sensibilities very naturally. Truly world-class stuff.

At the end of the month, singer, songwriter and bass player extraordinaire Cynthia Alexander is leaving the Philippines.

For good.

Cynthia is uprooting herself and her family and migrating to Seattle, Washington.

Her reason?

Career-wise, she has had very limited support.

Or, in her own words: “I think I’m ready for change, and new challenges.”

With Cynthia leaving, I can’t help but think about the hysteria surrounding American Idol also-ran Jessica Sanchez, a Filipino-Mexican American.

Her lineage had us all waving the flag of Pinoy pride. We lionized her as “our own.” Like the half-Pinoy contestants before her whose names we’ve forgotten, we want Jessica to come “home” so we can bask in her glory.

Meanwhile, homegrown geniuses like Cynthia Alexander are leaving home.

Who’s waving the flag?

Will Cynthia continue to wave the Philippine flag for us when she settles and works elsewhere?

Should she?

But then, the other question is: does Cynthia need to go abroad and “make it” before WE wave the flag for HER?

Catch Cynthia Alexander’s send-off gigs on June 14 (RadioRepublic), June 15 (19 East, with Humanfolk), June 16 (Conspiracy), June 22 (70s Bistro), and June 23 (Conspiracy).

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3 Responses to Our loss, their gain…

  1. I haven’t heard anything from Cynthia Alexander before – which only shows she doesn’t have any publicity. I have to stride to YouTube and watch her sing, and I really love her artistry! Not just her unique voice, but totality of her. She’s not abiding by the rules of popular entertainment, and it’s a loss for the Philippines.

    • That’s the sad thing about us, Filipinos. We have a distorted view of nationalism. We are quick to embrace anyone who happen to have a single drop of Filipino blood and parade them as our own, so long as they’re recognized internationally. On the other hand, we couldn’t care less about our homegrown talents. Heck, we wouldn’t even bother knowing them. I dunno, whether that’s our idea of going global….

  2. Arlete says:

    keep, up the good work, looking forward to reading your new material.

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