A wet reverie…

Nature has many forms and scenes — sunsets and sunrises, mountains and plains — each different from the other ; all beautiful in their own unique way.

Rain in its many moods,
rushing with great anger to sweep the earth clean of all in its path or
settling on one’s face like a damp kiss.
Rain is the planet’s great cleanser.

But the rain is the most alluring of nature’s many facets. Be it a soft drizzle or a heavy downpour, the rain is easily one of the most beautiful moments in nature — a gentle reminder of the many blessings God has showered (pun intended) upon mankind…

… and, in the middle of summer here in the Philippines, a welcome respite from the scorching heat of a midday sun. Indeed, the rain brings about a real cleansing and refreshing feeling.

I love the smell of rain. It soothes me — when it pitter patters on the roof, runs down the eaves and trickle on the ground underneath my bedroom window. I fall asleep so much easier when I hear the soft tapping every raindrop make on my window pane.

Rain makes a good conversation topic, too, especially when you are feeling uncomfortable in a group with strangers and don’t know what else to talk about. Have you ever been in a situation where a deafening silence engulfs a room and everyone seems to be preoccupied with something? The subject of rain steps in and fills up that void. You can just nonchalantly comment about having too much, too little or just enough rain that day or any day. It may not be a super stimulating conversation, but an ice breaker nonetheless. Unless of course, you are in a room with a bunch of meteorologists who know everything there is to know about weather and you just become a spectator in the middle of a big debate about the rain’s usefulness versus its downfalls (this time, no pun is intended!).

I used to hate it when it rains. Sure, sunshine keeps us happy and upbeat, but too much of that can be a downer too (as it has been in the last couple of weeks with temperatures reaching the 36 C mark!). Think about how you would feel if there was no rain to keep our yards green, the trees looking lush and our waterways flowing. Wouldn’t the world be a barren and depressing place?

Ugly day,
Let me make you beautiful.
When the skies begin to cry,
I will give you a reason to smile.
Splashing in your flood of emotions;
let me make you beautiful today.
You blanket yourself,
Ugly day,
in a puffy shroud of gray.
You cannot see beyond the fog you have created.
You are crying way too much;
and I do not condemn you for it.
You put a frown on everyone’s faces
as they smirk at your tears in disgust;
but I walk out of the warm comfort
of my shelter and dance to the rhythmic pitter patter
of your beautiful tears.
Drenched from head to toe,
I continue to spin,
like an angel in a shower of grace.
Dance with me,
Ugly day.
You are not ugly at all.
I woke up under your shadow
this morning and smiled.
The sun is hiding away for once,
and I am not the one who has to hide.
Today, I am not judged for who
and what I am.
I walk past the dirty, wet windows,
and the people smile and say
“This is his day.
They pair so well.
This is his beautiful day.”
I take in your scent,
and a rush of pleasure waves over me.
You smell so good,
for your tears have washed away
the uncleanliness of the ground I walk on.
Today, the sky and I walk hand in hand in the gray.
God is smiling upon me today.
Today, all things die,
and are reborn brand new.
Today ugly things are made beautiful.
I’m coming home
I’m coming home
tell the World I’m coming home
Let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday.


About Seeing with Brahmin eyes
My sense of humor can be keen, sarcastic, silly or corny -- sometimes all at once. I enjoy meeting new people with no preconceived ideas about what or what is not possible. You get much more out of life by being open minded and willing. I'm an easy going, good-natured person who loves life and loves people. I'm both optimistic and realistic and pretty objective when it comes to assessing situations, events, etc. In general I am a very positive person and you'll usually find we with a smile on my face.

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