Gender B.S. (pronounced as \ˈbī-əs\)

Bias \ˈbī-əs\, transitive verb: to give a settled and often prejudiced outlook to

While waiting for the elevator down to do my usual morning run, my Caucasian lady neighbor came out of her unit, mobile phone glued closely to her ear. I overheard her saying:

Baby, I don’t need a dick to make you feel loved… (silence) … yeah, i know… (silence, then with a voice a pitch higher) … don’t you see? those who have it (“it” here, I assume, refers to dick) are actually DICKS (stressing that last word)!”

I let out a soft chuckle, which jolted her to the realization that she didn’t have the hallway by herself. With an embarrassed smile, she coyly let herself back in her apartment unit.

Talk about gay* love, hehehehe.

But… she’s got a point, y’know… her point aside, she’s one femme every man should have. Damn, she’s hot!


Oooops… elevator’s here. Tah-tah!

* BTW, AP lists “gay” as a “more acceptable” term than “lesbian”. Honestly, who cares? What’s in a name anyway?


About Seeing with Brahmin eyes
My sense of humor can be keen, sarcastic, silly or corny -- sometimes all at once. I enjoy meeting new people with no preconceived ideas about what or what is not possible. You get much more out of life by being open minded and willing. I'm an easy going, good-natured person who loves life and loves people. I'm both optimistic and realistic and pretty objective when it comes to assessing situations, events, etc. In general I am a very positive person and you'll usually find we with a smile on my face.

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